Since I started photography I developed the desire to one day visit India, picturing colorful and vibrant images of its people and aspects of its rich culture. And as Kolkata was my introduction to India I couldn't be more fulfilled to find the Ghat Flower market, a unique place to discover the culture of the West Bengal. Regarded as one of the biggest in Asia, the flower market spreads along the bank of the Hooghly river starting underneath the impressive Howrah Bridge. There was everything in place to pump all of my senses and resulting in a rich photographic experience. As you would expect the fragrance all over the market is indescribable given the ridiculous amount of flowers. Everything is well oiled here despite the apparent chaos, everybody has a role in this constant rush. Vendors carry enormous baskets on their heads or spread the flowers on the ground, creating these colorful patches in the thick crowd. As it starts getting dark the market slows down and it's time for packing and cleaning. Many vendors live in the market, sometimes in very basic lodgings. The backs alleys of the market lead to the Hooghly river where people clean everything at the end of their day, including themselves. I will leave you to the gallery of the market and its surroundings, for you to really understand what a unique first Indian experience I had.

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