The village of Kalpa

The state of Himachal Pradesh is located at the very north of India. As we were trying to escape the heat of the rest of India, we ended up in one of the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Surrounded by the mountains of the Himalayas, here too the culture is strong and the people, who mostly live in remote villages, are incredibly welcoming and generous. It wasn't easy to travel in Himachal Pradesh, with roads being quite dangerous, and the journeys taken in local buses often reaching 20+ hours...The views definitely make it up for the hassle! We were lucky enough to witness yet another traditional festival. This one celebrates the end of winter and the beginning of the new agriculture year. The following photos were taken in the beautiful villages of Sangla and Kalpa.

The village of Sangla

People of Sangla

Traditional festival in Kalpa, marking the beginning of the new agricultural year

Our friends during our stay in Kapa

Victor enjoying the view ;)

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