The Holi, also called festival of colours, is a Hindu festival celebrating the victory of good, peace and love over evil as well as the arrival of spring. It celebrates god Vishnu and its reincarnation Lord Krishna. Vrindavan in the Uttar Pradesh is the birth place of Krishna and it made sense to head there to catch the best of the action. I honestly never experienced something as intense as the Holi before. The celebration consists of thousands of people throwing colored powder and colored water at each other, playing music and dancing in the entire city. Even though it's always in a playful way it gets pretty hectic especially when you try to take photos and videos. The day of Holi, "Banke Bihari" temple is the main hub in Vrindavan. Every 15min the priest opens up the curtains and lets appear the statue of Krishna while throwing powder and water at the devotees chanting. The feeling inside the temple with hundreds of people playing with colors, dancing and chanting, is truly an unforgettable memory.

Here is the gallery of the Holi celebrated in Vrindavan:

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